Best 7 Steps to Puppy-Proofing Your Home


The first step is to introduce a crate. It provides a secure space for your puppy when you can't supervise, and it's an essential tool for training.

Puppy Gates

Use puppy gates to restrict access to certain areas. It helps in preventing your pup from wandering into unsafe places.

Chew Toys

Provide a variety of chew toys to keep your puppy engaged and deter them from chewing on your furniture or shoes.

Electrical Cords

Secure or hide electrical cords to prevent your puppy from chewing on them and potentially getting hurt.

Poisonous Plants

Remove any toxic plants from your home and yard, as puppies often explore by tasting everything.

Baby-Proof Locks

Install baby-proof locks on cabinets to keep cleaning supplies and dangerous items out of your puppy's reach.

Puppy-Proof Yard

Ensure your yard is safe by fixing any gaps in the fence and removing any hazards that your puppy could stumble upon.

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