Best Peanut Butter Sandies Recipe


Flour, butter, sugar, peanut butter, vanilla extract. These premium ingredients come together to create the perfect Peanut Butter Sandies.

Recipe Step 1

Cream together butter and sugar until the mixture is light and fluffy. This initial step ensures the base of your delectable Peanut Butter Sandies is rich and flavorful.

Recipe Step 2

Incorporate peanut butter into the mixture, adding a nutty depth that elevates the taste to perfection.

Recipe Step 3

Add a touch of vanilla extract for an elegant flavor that enhances the overall profile of your Peanut Butter Sandies.

Recipe Step 4

Shape the dough into small rounds, creating the foundation for your melt-in-your-mouth Peanut Butter Sandies.

Recipe Step 5

Place the dough rounds on a baking sheet and bake to golden perfection. The aroma of these cookies wafting through your kitchen is the promise of a delightful treat.

Final Step

Your batch of the best Peanut Butter Sandies is ready to be savored. Let the irresistible combination of butter, sugar, and peanut butter melt in your mouth with each delightful bite.

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