Buttermilk Fried Tofu with Collard Greens Recipe


Craft a culinary delight with tofu, buttermilk, and smoky collard greens. Elevate your dining experience with these top-quality, vegetarian ingredients.

Recipe Step 1

Marinate tofu in buttermilk, creating a tender and flavorful base. This step ensures a perfect fusion of textures and tastes in every bite of your fried tofu.

Recipe Step 2

Dip the marinated tofu in a crispy coating, achieving the perfect golden crunch when fried. The contrast between the crispy exterior and the tender interior makes each piece irresistible.

Recipe Step 3

Prepare collard greens with a hint of smokiness. Sautéing them to perfection enhances the overall flavor profile, providing a savory and hearty accompaniment to the fried tofu.

Recipe Step 4

Sear the marinated tofu in a hot pan until it reaches a golden brown hue. The sizzling sound and aroma indicate a culinary masterpiece in the making.

Recipe Step 5 

Bring together the buttermilk-fried tofu and smoky collard greens. The combination of crispy tofu and savory greens creates a symphony of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

Culinary Triumph

Enjoy the delightful combination of crispy tofu and flavorful collard greens for a satisfying and vegetarian culinary triumph.

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