How to Puppy-Proofing Your Home


Always supervise your puppy, especially in new environments. Direct supervision helps in preventing accidents and unwanted behaviors.


Create secure spaces for your puppy using baby gates or playpens. These areas can keep them safe and limit access to certain parts of your home.


Safely store hazardous items like cleaning products, electrical cords, and small objects that could be harmful if chewed or ingested.


Anchor or secure furniture to the walls to prevent accidental tipping or falling. This ensures the safety of both your puppy and your furniture.


Remove or relocate any potentially toxic plants to keep your puppy safe from ingestion. Some common household plants can be harmful to pets.


Cover and protect wires and cords to prevent chewing. Puppies are curious and may chew on cords, risking electric shock or injury.


Provide regular exercise to keep your puppy engaged and minimize destructive behavior. A tired puppy is a well-behaved puppy.

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