Shrimp and Avocado-Cream Pasta Recipe


Gather fresh shrimp, ripe avocados, pasta, cream, garlic, lemon juice, cilantro, and seasonings.

Recipe Step 1

Sauté shrimp in garlic and olive oil, creating a savory foundation for the dish.

Recipe Step 2

Blend ripe avocados, cream, and lemon juice into a creamy, tangy sauce.

Recipe Step 3

Boil pasta and prepare a luscious avocado-cream sauce.

Recipe Step 4

Toss the cooked pasta with the shrimp and avocado-cream sauce for a perfect union of flavors.

Recipe Step 5

Garnish with cilantro and seasonings, adding a burst of freshness to the dish.

Recipe Final Step

Serve your Shrimp and Avocado-Cream Pasta hot and savor the unique, delightful blend of flavors.

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