Spinach, Lima Bean & Crispy Pancetta Pasta Recipe


Gather fresh spinach, tender lima beans, crispy pancetta, pasta, olive oil, garlic, Parmesan cheese, and seasoning.

Recipe Step 1

Sauté crispy pancetta, garlic, and olive oil, infusing the kitchen with irresistible aromas.

Recipe Step 2

Boil pasta and blanch spinach while watching these key elements come together for an amazing taste.

Recipe Step 3

Combine pasta, spinach, and lima beans, allowing them to mingle in a harmonious pasta medley.

Recipe Step 4

Add Parmesan cheese and season to perfection, creating a flavor explosion you'll love.

Recipe Step 5

Toss the pasta until everything is beautifully coated, enhancing the dish's deliciousness.

Recipe Final Step

Serve your Spinach, Lima Bean & Crispy Pancetta Pasta hot, garnished with extra Parmesan for added richness.

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