Top 7 Facts About Korat Cats

Ancient Origins

The Korat cat breed has ancient roots, dating back to Thailand, where they were considered symbols of good luck and prosperity.

Distinctive Appearance

Korat cats are recognized by their striking silver-blue coat, heart-shaped face, and large green eyes, creating an enchanting look.


Known for their affectionate nature, Korats enjoy forming strong bonds with their owners and often seek companionship.


Korat cats are intelligent and playful, always curious and ready to engage in interactive activities that stimulate their minds.

Endearing Vocalizations

Korats have a sweet and gentle voice, using various soft sounds to communicate their needs and feelings to their human companions.

Healthy and Hardy

Generally a healthy breed, Korat cats have a robust constitution and thrive with regular veterinary care and a balanced diet.

Cherished Companions

Korat cats make wonderful companions, offering love, loyalty, and a touch of elegance to those who welcome them into their homes.

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