Top 7 Newborn Puppy Facts

Birth Weight

Newborn puppies are tiny, often weighing just a few ounces, and their eyes and ears are sealed shut.

No Teeth

At birth, puppies don't have teeth. Their baby teeth start to emerge at around 3 weeks of age.

Can't Regulate Temperature

Newborns can't regulate their body temperature, relying on their mother's warmth.

Sense of Smell

Puppies have an incredible sense of smell, even from birth, helping them locate their mother's milk.

Rapid Growth

During the first few weeks, puppies grow rapidly, and their eyes and ears open, allowing them to explore the world.

First Steps

Around three weeks old, puppies take their first wobbly steps, an adorable and important milestone.

Early Learning

From a young age, puppies begin to learn and mimic behaviors from their mother and siblings.

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