Top 7 Poisonous Plants for Pets


 Azaleas are beautiful but toxic. Ingesting any part of this plant can lead to serious health issues for your pets.


Lilies can be deadly for cats. Even a small nibble on a leaf can result in severe kidney damage.


Poinsettias can cause gastrointestinal upset if consumed by your pets. Keep them out of reach during the holidays.


Oleander is highly toxic. Ingesting any part can be fatal. Recognize this plant and keep it far from your pets.

Sago Palm

The Sago Palm is deadly for pets. Ingesting any part of this plant can cause liver failure and death.

Castor Bean Plant

The Castor Bean Plant is extremely toxic. Even a small amount can be lethal for both dogs and cats.

Prevention and Safety

Keep your home and yard are free of these toxic plants. Be vigilant, and consult your vet if you suspect poisoning.

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