Vegan Coconut Chickpea Curry Recipe


To create this delicious vegan curry, gather chickpeas, coconut milk, tomatoes, spices, vegetables, garlic, and cilantro.

Prep the Ingredients

Start by prepping the vegetables, garlic, and spices, creating a base for your flavorful curry.

Cook the Curry

Combine the prepared ingredients with chickpeas, coconut milk, and tomatoes. Simmer until all flavors meld together.

Season to Perfection

Season your Vegan Coconut Chickpea Curry with a blend of spices to achieve the desired level of heat and flavor.

Garnish with Cilantro

Before serving, garnish your curry with fresh cilantro for a burst of fresh herb flavor.

Serve and Enjoy

Serve your flavorful and satisfying Vegan Coconut Chickpea Curry, perfect for vegans and anyone who enjoys great-tasting food.

Vegan Delight

Enjoy a delightful and satisfying plant-based meal with this Vegan Coconut Chickpea Curry, combining rich flavors and hearty chickpeas.

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