Why Do Dogs Put Their Paws On People?


Dogs are inherently curious creatures, and their tendency to place their paws on people stems from their inquisitive nature.


When a dog places its paws on you, it's often a display of affection. It's their way of showing love and seeking closeness, much like a hug or a gentle touch in the human context.


Dogs use their paws to communicate their needs or desires. It can be a way of signaling that they want to play, go for a walk, or simply receive attention.

Seeking Attention

By placing their paws on people, dogs aim to capture attention. Whether it's for a treat, a belly rub, or some playtime.


For dogs, placing their paws on you can be comforting. It's a way to seek security and reassurance, especially in unfamiliar or anxious situations. 


Dogs are playful by nature, and using their paws is a playful gesture. They might paw at you to initiate play or games, adding an element of fun and enthusiasm to their interactions.

Marking Territory

In some cases, dogs use their paws to mark their territory. This behavior, often seen during walks, helps them establish a sense of ownership and familiarity in their environment.

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