Why is My Cat Keeping One Eye Closed?

Foreign Object

One common reason for a cat keeping one eye closed is the presence of a foreign object. It could be a tiny particle or debris causing irritation.

Eye Infection

Cats are susceptible to bacterial or viral infections. Monitor for additional symptoms such as discharge, redness, or squinting in both eyes for accurate diagnosis.

Injury or Scratch

Injuries, scratches, or corneal ulcers can cause discomfort, leading to a cat closing one eye.


Conjunctivitis, or pink eye, is another potential cause. If the cat's eye appears red, swollen, and there's discharge, conjunctivitis could be the culprit.


Environmental or food allergies may manifest as eye irritation, prompting a cat to keep one eye closed. 

Pain or Discomfort

Underlying pain or discomfort, such as dental issues or headache, may lead a cat to close one eye.

Behavioral Quirk

Observing their overall behavior and consulting with a vet ensures distinguishing between natural feline behaviors and potential health concerns.

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