Why Is My Dog Shaking?


Dogs may shake due to anxiety. They may react to loud noises, new environments, or separation from their owners with trembling.


Shivering is a natural response to cold. If your dog is in a chilly environment, they may shake to generate warmth and stay cozy.


Underlying illnesses can cause shaking. Infection or fever can lead to shivering as the body tries to fight off the ailment.


Pain can manifest as trembling. If your dog is hurting, they may shake as a way of expressing their discomfort.


Excessive excitement can lead to shaking. Dogs may shake when anticipating playtime, treats, or a walk.


Fear and stress can cause shaking. Dogs may shake when exposed to things that scare them, like thunderstorms or fireworks.


As dogs age, they may experience muscle weakness or other age-related issues, leading to trembling or shaking.

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